TPLG's French grain samplers in some videos

Grain sampler HERON 3000 by TPLG - Grain Sampling probe

Presenting the HERON 3000 grain sampler in its various forms (Standard, Gyroscopic, pillar-mounted or wall-mounted).

Grain sampler COBRA with automated sample processing station SARA

COBRA grain sampler and automated SARA system by TPLG

French Grain sampler probe CAMELEON by TPLG

CAMELEON grain sampler and automatic sample processing station SARA by TPLG. Presentation of the cereal grain sampler CAMELEON made by TPLG.
This machine is specially designed for sampling from tankers and railcars, but is equally suitable for all other types of vehicles.

Automatic sample receiver and dispenser station SARA

Ensures automatic sample intake and distribution of the sample material to the various analyzer devices.

HORNET : Sampling from a flow of material travelling on a belt conveyor

The Hornet probe is a grain sampling device that is specially designed for sample intake from a flow of material travelling on a belt conveyor.

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