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Our latest range of machines: SERIES 4000 SUG :

If you don't know it yet, do not wait any longer. Go discover our COBRA 4000 SUG, a grain sampler of a new generation.

With Cobra 4000, take in true samples of your cereal grain batches. Save time, get a representative sample within seconds.

To find out more about our grain samplers:

TPLG grain samplers - Standard series
TPLG grain sampling probes - Premium series

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Grain sampler COBRA 4000 SUG

TPLG: French Company

Tout pour le grain the society automatic grain sampler

Tout pour le grain society

On October 1st TPLG and JAMASE decide a merger to join their competence and know-how in the field of farm storage.

Meanwhile, the sampling equipment division keeps growing and developing.

2010 sees the birth of the CAMELEON sampler, a machine specifically designed for sampling operations from railcars and tankers.

2012 marks the beginning of the sales of the PREMIUM range, i.e. purpose-built machines for commercial facilities (with over 300 trucks per day to be sampled).

2013: TPLG grain samplers are now present in 51 countries.

2015: Another step forward is made launching the new Series 4000 machines into the market.

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