Echantillonnage Tout pour le grain

Grain sampler - Probe

Despite growing awareness of the majority of the professionals in the food processing industry and agriculture, the sampling of grain batches remains an operation which is all too often underestimated.
For almost 40 years TPLG have been offering a comprehensive range of grain sampling systems to their clients, from the simplest probe to the most elaborate system.

Depending on the needs of each client, a suitable sampler will be proposed individually for each situation: whether equipping a rural area grain collecting point, a commercial storage installation, or a seaport grain terminal, whether sampling grain from tractors, semitrailers, railcars, or ships during loading or unloading operations, or whether working on circuits carrying grain or transformed products inside a factory, TPLG will always provide a custom-made solution for each project.

Above and beyond the automation of the sample intake, in the last 3 years TPLG have been proposing full automation of the laboratory equipment.

Grain Sampler :

COBRA 4000 french sampling probe SARA: Automatic System for Reception and Analysis Heron Gyroscopic 4000
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