S.A.R.A: Automatic System for Reception and Analysis

S.A.R.A: Automatic System for Reception and Analysis cereales

SARA - T.P.L.G :

S.A.R.A. is a fully automated system for the reception and redistribution of the incoming grain sample. It will help you controlling the process of quality management from the sample intake right down to the possible data transfer from the analyzer devices to your IT system with an appropriate software (optional).
Linear drive S.A.R.A.

Can reach a virtually unlimited number of analyzer devices. Meets highest demands. Big time saver.

S.A.R.A : Automatic System for Reception and Analysis:
- Fully automated sample distribution
- No human intervention
- Adaptable to any type and any make of analyzer
- Unlimited number of devices can be accommodated
- Analyses on raw grain and/or on cleaned grain
- Meets highest specifications
- Optional software allows data and information exchange among the analyzers and your server.

Principle of operation (an example):

- Sample arrival in the cyclone receiver attached to a mobile distribution carriage
- Automatic determination of the quantity of material required for the various analyses
- Homogenization of the samples by the blending auger in the receiver cyclone, and distribution to the different processing stations:
    - Grain cleaner
    - Spare jar for further processing and analyses (insects, mycotoxins)
    - Bagging machine for specimen retention sample
    - Excess material recirculation hopper
    - Recovery of the clean grain from the cleaner, redistribution to the analyzer for moisture, specific weight, and protein content determination
    - Discharge from analyzer and automatic recirculation of the residual material back to the vehicle.

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